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Mission Statement: 

The Center operates in accordance with the following principles:

  • Our human bodies have the innate capacity to heal themselves when in alignment.
  • Optimal health is a state of balance between mind, body, and spirit.
  • Each person has their own unique blueprint that raises the vibrational frequency of all that is Divine when they fully live their truth.
  • We are all an integral piece of the whole, of oneness.
  •  We are a community of love and light that nurtures an atmosphere of respect and compassion for all existence.   

Intentions and Purpose:

The healing modalities and treatments offered will all be of a holistic and alternative nature.  The educational classes and workshops will also support the same purpose.  Subject matters will include principles of healing through spirit to include holistic practices such as Reiki, Yoga, Energy Healing, Meditation, and the like; but also through creative expression via intuitive art projects.  Healing is a journey that can only be done through the mind, body, and spirit connection.  


Epiphysis organized holistic healing workshops in the Pocket Park on Main Street during the 2nd Annual Denison Culture of Arts Festival.