Book Release Party

My Path to Omega by Terri R. Malek

I invite you to join me for my Book Release Party on Saturday, June 10th from 6–9 pm at Epiphysis - Holistic Healing & Educational Center in downtown Denison. This is the release of my first book, My Path to Omega, a story of one’s infinite journey into truth. 

Release party will include:
• Celebrating this milestone
• An introduction to the Author
• A reading of an excerpt from the book
• Book signing for all who purchase a book that night or in advance (purchasing instructions coming soon) 
• Hors d’oeuvres and beverages
• A FREE gift for each attendee
• A fabulous time mingling with amazing people

Book Blurb written by Author and dear friend James W. Peercy: In My Path To Omega, the road less traveled reaches beyond its metaphoric implications. This book, represents ‘rising above’ what most people hesitate to achieve. From the spiritual awakenings during childhood to the forced hiding of her true self, Terri has stepped off the broad road and onto one of great joy. There was heartache. There were scars. Despite these obstacles, she chose to find her calling and advanced into a spiritual world most people never reach.
Read her story. Walk in her footsteps. It is a journey just in reach if you only wish to make it happen. Are you willing to find your truth? Opening the door is only a page away. 

I hope you will join me for a celebration of an amazing milestone in my journey. I would be so honored to share this with you. Please mark “Going” or “Interested” if you plan to attend. Adults ONLY Please. I will insure to have your free gift for attending! Much gratitude.